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Every product development process benefits from CAE and simulation. Simulation can be used to reinforce decision-making, reduce prototypes, and optimise performance and efficiency, overall getting products to market faster and cheaper. But simulation-driven design is hard. CAE tools are often cumbersome, require expert users and huge amounts of data. Results take time, computational effort and are still subject to uncertainty and interpretation.

The services offered by CAE Tech will adapt modelling and simulation to your industry and engineering team, not the other way around.

How can we help you?

Yes I’d like to hear how you can help me move from design to simulation-driven design.



Best Practices

How do ensure simulation results are robust and believable? We can show how to measure, track, and enforce best practices in simulation across your organisation.

Process Improvement

We can assess what barriers remain to adopting simulation, or what bottlenecks are affecting the impact it has, and give clear, practical advice on how to improve.

Outsourced Research

Where R&D into new simulation technologies, tools, or techniques, would be too disruptive or too specialised to take place within your team, we can perform this role.

CAE Tool Development

No appropriate tool available? No problem, we will develop one. This could be productising an in-house code; integrating multiple existing tools; or a complete new solution.

Modelling and Analysis

With many years experience in applying simulation to engineering problems, we can provide modelling and analysis services for your project.

Systems Engineering

In order to use simulation efficiently at the system-level, models often need to be reduced or idealised. With significant experience in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), CAE Tech can make the modelling judgements necessary.



Modelica is the leading open-standard equation-based modelling language, with a large community of users and modelling libraries. CAE Tech is actively involved in the development of the language, and supports tool vendors in developing software and modelling libraries.

Cosimulation and FMI

Cosimulation is the coupling of multiple simulation codes, often of different domains such as fluid and mechanical, to form a single simulation. FMI, or the Functional Mockup Interface, is an open-standard for export and cosimulation of models from different tools. CAE Tech has experience in development and usage of cosimulation tools.

Solvers, Symbolics and Numerics

CAE Tech is a founder member of the MANDAE (Modelling and Advanced Numerics for Differential Algebraic Equations) consortium of companies and universities, setting out to develop the next-generation of equation-based simulation tool. Our particular expertise is in the use of mixed symbolic-numeric methods.

Design Space

A single simulation result never gives the complete picture of how a product will operate. Instead we use large numbers of simulations to achieve Uncertainty Quantification, Design-Space-Exploration, and Optimisation.

Machine Learning

We believe that model-based techniques and statistical or machine-learning based techniques are complementary to each other. These can take the forms of surrogate modelling, or state-estimation.


All software developed by CAE Tech is cloud-native. This means more than just accessing from different devices - the cloud gives elastic computing power, and the ability to gather and share data from infinite sources - meaning designs can be continuously analysed throughout development or even during their manufacture or usage.

Our Team

Peter Harman

Chief Technology Officer

CAE Tech is led by Peter Harman, a Mechanical Engineer who specialised in simulation and then became obsessional that the tools were not giving engineers what they needed.

Peter has experience in applying simulation in automotive, motorsport and aerospace industries, with particular expertise in fluid power and transmissions and drivelines.

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